Chess Club Wageningen
Every Thursday, the Vredehorst, houses Chess Club Wageningen. About 75 adults and 35 youth members fight it out on the chessboard. Youth members play from 06:30 pm to 8:00 pm. They start with chess lessons and continue to play games of chess with equally strong kids. From 7:15 pm until 8:00 pm there is the ‘brugcompetitie’ which is open for adults to play as well. Adults play chess from 8:00 pm until midnight. Regularly one game per evening is played for the club competition. Each week you will find an opponent of your own strength. In addition it is possible to join team competitions and/or follow training sessions. And next to the game of chess, socializing is also an important part of Chess Club Wageningen. You will find many chess players at the bar, over a drink, having a chat or analyze their game together. You are most welcome to visit the club and play the first four times for free. In order to match you with an opponent player of your strenght it is important to sign up before 5 pm on the Thursday you like to play.

Annual contribution

Junior players: 50 euro
Students <21 years: 50 euro (with a WUR sportpass 37,50 euro)
Students >21 years: 100 euro (with a WUR sportpass 75 euro)
Adult members: 120 euro (110 euro if the payment occurs before the 1st of December)

* WUR students with sportsrights receive a subsidy on their subscription fee. Download here your ‘application form subsidy contribution acknowledged associations‘.

Additional information:
For general information contact Joost Hooghiemstra:                                         pr@svwageningen.nl
To sign up for Thursday’s club competitioncontact Marius Bolck:              intern@svwageningen.nl
For information or enrollment of youth players contact Bartel Dodeman: jeugd@svwageningen.nl

Learn to play chess
Are you an absolute beginner or do you have some knowledge of the rules? You learn the principles of chess in six meetings. This training is also suitable for parents with a child in the youth education according to the Steps method.

First of all, the following topics are treated: movement of the pieces, promotion, castling and capture “en passant”. You soon learn chess techniques such as checkmate, attacking and advantageous exchange. You practice with board vision and notation. You will then learn about the double attack, pins, skewers and discovered attack. You will be introduced to important principles of the opening such as: concentrating on the center, developing the pieces and safety of the king. Finally, elementary aspects of the endgame are also on the board. After these trainings you have a practical basis for lots of chess pleasure.

Trainer: Richard Christians
Data: 30 of September, 7, 14 and 28 of October, 4 and 11 of November
Time: 20:00h – 22:00h
Costs: 50,- euro
Sign up: training@svwageningen.nl
Optional: Individual training by mutual agreement